What We Have Done To Stay Sustainable?
Is eco-friendly something you care about and pay much attention to when purchasing your clothes? If the answer is yes, please spend a minute and read through this article. As consumers, we’ve become more aware of our purchases -- who makes our clothes, if the material and packaging are environmentally friendly, or if these clothing is being mass-produced? So, have you ever thought about actually contributing some efforts on making a positive impact on our environment? Well, you do have a choice and you can.
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With eco-friendly being one of the most important parts of our brand culture, Our Whizz team is taking practical methods to reduce the pollution and cut the waste at our best.
Starting from the supply chain, We insist on using sustainable and skin-friendly fabrics. We use natural and premium fabrics from all over the world as our primary materials and always try our best to avoid non-durable materials. Also, we produce a very limited number of products for each season to make sure you stay stylish with us while not adding pressure to the planet. At last, we donate our redundant materials to nonprofits that recycle and reuse the fabrics for fashion industries.
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For packaging, We limit the use of plastic bags. We wrap clothes with only one layer of reusable plastic bag, and fit that into a designed recyclable paper box for better protection and user experience.
We choose the factory to work with extreme cautiousness. By doing tons of research on whether the factory is being ethical on the environment and its workforce such as salary level and work time, We has chosen the most ethical and sustainable factory to work with and always keeps monitoring the production process.
What is slow fashion | Whizz
We will continue creating sustainable fashion and making efforts to build a better planet with our customers. We are against fast fashion and mass productions. We believe what you need is not a hundred new trending pieces with crappy qualities that only last for a few months but a few timeless and stylish ones which are exquisitely made that last for years.
12月 10, 2020 — Whizz Editor

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