Outfit Ideas For Embracing The Brand New Year

Thank god it’s 2021! Have you bought anything for the holiday season? Don’t get rid of them yet, let’s mix and match them with everyday essentials for some fresh and sparkling daily looks!

Look 1: That Elegant Look

You don’t have to have a glass of champagne in your hand and a delicate makeup on for a cocktail dress. This TIMELESS STRAPS VELVET MAXI DRESS can be mix and match with a pair of white sneakers and a trendy YELLOW PLAID TWEED COAT for a daily look. The velvet fabric is made for elegance and the tweed is for chicness.

Whizz-New Year Look #1

Look 2: That Shiny Look

There is nothing fancier than printing stars in the galaxy. And this SEQUINED TULLE MIDI SKIRT is that answer. Tiers of decadently ruffled tulle with the right amount of sparkles, they add a hint of romantic feeling to the dress. Match it with a simple white tee and this minimal and classic OVERSIZED DOUBLE BREASTED WOOL COAT to make the look not too low-key but definitely not too ostentatious as well.

Whizz-New Year Look #2

Look 3: That Dreamy Look

The start of the year is always dreamy and full of hope. You may need this sweet slouchy MOHAIR BABY BLUE SWEATER for that mood, and match it with these HIGH RISE FAUX LEATHER SHORTS for balance. Wear a pair of over-the-knee boots for staying warm and stylish.

Whizz-New Year Look #3

Look 4: That Powerful Look

We all need to stay strong and powerful for fighting what’s happening right now in the world. Get this SHOULDER-PADDED WOOL COAT to help you to get to that state. Wear it with a super soft KNIT TURTLENECK SWEATER for warmth and finish the look with a pair of golden earrings for feminity. We have the faith that no matter how serious the situation is, we would be able to fight it together in the end!

Whizz-New Year Look #4

1月 08, 2021 — Whizz Editor

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