6 Late Summer Dress Trends: It’s Not Too Late to Invest in These Pieces

August is like the Sunday of summer. Even though the perfect summer days are getting away, late summer is still the best time for everyone to chill out and have some fun. Throughout our recent late-summer shopping research, we’ve discovered that summer dresses are absolutely flawless options for the end-of-summer vibes. From adorable vacation dress to classic shirt dress, there’s a late summer dress trend waiting for you below.

#1 Mayo Purple Flower Print Vacation Dress

When choosing a vacation dress you want to find something that will keep you cool but also look good. This stylish but not gaudy dress is the one that will make you feel comfortable and confident. You can dress down this look with your signature sneakers or elevate your dress with kitten heels or a classic stiletto pump. The lightweight fabric makes it ideal for wearing as a layering piece under knitwear, accordingly it is perfect for your fall closet as well.

mayo dress - whizz


#2 Grace Blue Polka Dot Dress

If vintage is more your style, this Grace Blue Polka Dot Dress is the perfect way to wear the summer 2021 fashion trend. The polka-dot print adds a vintage-inspired twist, while the high leg-slit adds a sultry feel to the dress, allowing you to show off your sun-kissed skin. A dress like this with its vintage style and fresh color will always stay in fashion and will be a staple for many years to come.



#3 Summer Tulip Button-front Shirt Dress

Even with the end of the hottest days, keeping simple and staying cool are still the top priority on these late summer days. This white shirt dress is just the right dress to help you create a feminine and fashionable look. The careful selected fabric makes this dress both comfy and fabulous. The front button design adds to the overall elegance and practicality of the dress. You’ll always look and feel your absolute best in this button-up dress which will soon become your late summer favorite.


#4 Elegant Side-split Silky Dress

#5 Purple Flower Mini Summer Dress

Whether by the sea, garden or on social media, this dress will have you looking your best. Its creamy white fabric sports a delicate purple floral print and slight V-shaped neckline, creating a look that screams fun innocence. The short skirt, however, hints at a wild side that can only be revealed through countless adventures and priceless experiences. Feeling a little cold on a late summer night? Bring your favorite cardigan with you when you are having a night out. With this stunning outfit, you will show off your sense of style, sophistication, and flair for fun.

#6 Button Front Green Floral Short-sleeved Dress

People don't notice whether it's fall or summer when they are chasing the sun. If you’ve been thinking of keeping some summer vibes in your closet, you don’t want to pass on this beautiful summer floral dress. Its green, earthen tones and puff sleeve shoulder design are specially crafted to accentuate your skin tone. The above the knee hemline will create an adorable and sassy look. Want to hang out with your friends in the park? This could be the perfect dress for you.

9月 15, 2021 — Globo

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