Wide-leg Suit Shorts (Brown)

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-Polyester/spandex material combination means you get the right fit every time.
-Tan tones create an understated, classy look designed to impress.
-Wide-leg, skirt-like design allows you to be both stylish and safe. 

You’ve just discovered your new favorite pair of shorts! Sporting loose, flowing fabric and an irresistible tan tone, these shorts mimic the style and maneuverability of a skirt while providing you the support and protection of a pair of shorts. This look is sure to help your inner goddess shine with the “subtly sublime” statement it creates.

Style with Belted Blue Shirt

Model wears Size S and fits well. 
Model Height: 5'74/ Bust: 32.7"/ Waist: 23.62"/ Hips:34.64"

13.8" Length 
23.6" Waist
23.6" Hip 

14.2"  Length 

24.4" Waist
25.9" Hip 

14.6" Length 

25.2" Waist
26.8" Hip