Environmental Responsibility

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What's Whizz approach to packaging?

We've invested a huge amount of time and resources into making sure our current packaging is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as it can be. Whether it's the pros and cons of compostable packaging vs biodegradable, or working out ways to extend the life of our mailbags, we're on it. We believe our current packaging set-up is the most sustainable we can achieve right now.

How can I recycle Whizz packaging?

The easiest way is to send your packaging back to us with your next return. Even though our packaging is 100% recyclable, we know that not all local recycling facilities accept every type of plastic packaging. So you're welcome to send any used packaging back to us when you next have stuff to return - and we'll sort out the rest.

Why don't you just ship everything in cardboard?

We've looked into this in huge detail and, having carefully weighed up the pros and cons, we're confident that we've currently got the right balance between plastic and cardboard. If we simply switched all our packaging to cardboard, our carbon emissions would actually increase by 50% - yes really! Our plan is to increase the amount of recycled content in our plastic packaging (currently at 25%) and switch to widely recyclable plastics.

Why don't you use compostable packaging?

This is something we've considered, but we're not certain that we'd see any environmental benefits from switching over to compostable packaging right now. Compostable packaging isn't recyclable, and it's not suitable for home composting facilities either - so even though it might technically be 'compostable', there's no guarantee it will be composted at the end of its life. You can even send your packaging back to us and we'll recycle it for you - either by reusing it, or turning it into new 25%-recycled Whizz bags.

Why don't you use biodegradable packaging?

We've looked into this, and as biodegradable packaging presents similar issues to compostable packaging, we don't think we'd see any environmental benefits from switching over. Biodegradable packaging requires sunlight and oxygen in order to safely break down - and, as neither of these are present in landfills, there's no guarantee that 'biodegradable' packaging will actually biodegrade. Like compostable packaging, it's not recyclable, either. We're keeping our eyes peeled for any developments in this area, but at the moment it's not a solution, as we can't guarantee it won't cause environmental damage at the end of its life.

Are you working on using less packaging?

Absolutely! We aim to use the minimum amount of packaging we can to protect products on their journey between our suppliers, our warehouse and your front door. We're in the process of eliminating all unnecessary packaging, using only what's absolutely necessary to get your order to you safely and in good condition. We're also working through all our packaging options to make sure that whatever remains is recyclable or reusable. And we're broadening our offering of bag and box sizes so that we don't use more packaging than we need for each order.