Whizz Editor Picks: Don't Get Rid Of Your Summer Clothing Just Yet!

It’s almost Autumn and we are thinking the same thing as you: should I start storing away all my summer clothing? No! Not just yet. The weather is kind of tricky at this time of the year, mornings and evenings are getting cold but you still have plenty of time to wear your little summer dresses and cute tops during the daytime. Our fashion editors are expert at mixing and matching. Let’s see how they dress during this transition time!

Look #1: This outfit can go with you for any casual or formal occasions. We believe that everybody owns some kind of black crop top from summer. Just wear it with our signature black Safety Pin Details Blazer and this Chic High Waisted Suit Shorts to get a classic but sexy look.

whizz clothing#1


Look #2: Try matching any of your basic bottom pieces with our exquisitely designed Off-the-shoulder Blazer Top, it definitely gonna add a sense of taste to your look.

whizz clothing #2

Look #3: You can still show off your legs while staying warm! Our French Style Floral Wrap Dress is not just for vacations. Match it with our light and soft Stylish Pea Green Blazer and any pair of little white shoes from your wardrobe to get a chic city look.

whizz clothing #3

Look #4: Yes, we just love our signature Safety Pin Details Blazer cuz you can match it with any piece in your wardrobe, or even just use it to keep out the cold in the night, you will be surprised! And we promise that this Vintage Style Mid-sleeved Shirt is even softer and more comfortable than that big t-shirt you wear at home, but definitely more stylish! Wear it with the High Waisted Suit Shorts and our blazer. Easy but shiny!

whizz clothing #4


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24 noviembre 2020 — Whizz Editor

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