We Appreciates All Kinds of Beauties
Every woman is beautiful. All beauty should be appreciated regardless of body shapes, sizes, or skin colors. Everyone has the equal right to pursue the kind of trend they appreciate and dress in whatever way they want. And that is what makes us unique.
To create clothing for all women is Whizz’s goal. All products from Whizz come in different sizes and styles, aiming to help everyone to find their most suitable ones.
No matter if you are an “average” or a “typical” size, have broad shoulders or flat booty, we have something for you.
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(Illustrations by Diego Sabogal)
For Bottom Hourglass, Inverted Triangle, Round, Diamond and Athletic body shapes, you’ll never go wrong with oversized blazers like Loose Fit Indigo Blazer, Honey Brown Oversized Blazer, or the best-selling Oversized Handmade Wool Blend Boxy Coat. They can help you to create a perfect look by softening the waistline and visually extending the legs.
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For Rectangle, Triangle, Spoon, Top Hourglass body shapes, something curvy is perfect for you. Try Chic Midi T-shirt Dress, Slant Opening Asymmetric Blazer and Stylish Twist Knit Dress. These curvy style clothing will magnify the advantages and diminish shortcomings by attracting more focus on your waistline.
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We wish our clothing is able to make every individual shine at her daily moments. Be yourself, and stay beautiful.
07 diciembre 2020 — Whizz Editor

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