A Little Thinking About Solitude During Quarantine

Hi, this is Emily Brown, a Fashion Editor of the Whizz Team, living by myself in New York City. Our team has been working from home since the end of March this year. At the beginning of this pandemic, I was worried if I could stay alone for such a long time - with no dating, parties, or even family dinners. However, after 5 months of quarantine, I finally discovered the meaning of “Solitude”.


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I’ve always been ahead of my peers through my life so far. I finished my undergraduate and graduate studies within four-year. Like most newbies stepping into society, I was a bit lost but I knew I should look for a paid internship as soon as possible. I felt stressful living in such a fast-paced city, but I tried not to tell the truth to my parents. I started to go partying on weekends and meeting new people, but most of them wouldn’t even remember my full name. Although this constant networking made me exhausted, I was just avoiding spending the night in my tiny studio alone.



I was not able to slow my pace down until this quarantine came. At the very beginning, I was overwhelmed by the news and had a hard time staying alone. But then I found that I actually needed this quarantine.


It might be the best time for solitude. I picked up on violin again, a hobby that I gave up when entering college. I always wanted a fitter body shape, but never started working out because I just got lazy after a full day of working. And now, I start to work out everyday following Pamela Reif on Youtube. I finished the novels my besties recommended to me a long time ago and found them very inspiring.



For those things I didn’t get a chance to take care of, now I have plenty of time to focus on my own personal needs and interests.


We sure don’t want anything horrible like this to happen again, but this quarantine was actually a chance for us to focus entirely on ourselves instead of all other distractions. We should not only do this for the pandemic, but always give ourselves some alone time in our busy lives after this special time.



Me and our brand Whizz encourage women to reconsider the state of solitude. Our brand hopes everything it creates to be able to be worn comfortably both at home alone and on various occasions outside. We want to recreate the unconstraint state with delicate handcraft and premium fabrics. We believe that clothing is a tool to help women to shine, not a size standard for people to follow.


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24 noviembre 2020 — Whizz Editor

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