Exploring Whizz’s Factory: The Key Elements of A 55-Year Experienced Garment Manufacturer

We always ask ourselves, what characters of a brand value the most to customers? Trendy designs? Low pricing? Our founders found the answer after their exploration of countless garment factories -- Quality. Quality is not only about clothing’s material, but also factories’ environment, tailors’ technique, and the sustainability of the manufacturing process.


Whizz Factory


Our designer team is located in NYC whilst our factory is in Shanghai. Whizz’s clothing is created under the collision of the most advanced design ideas and the most experienced handcraft from these two metropolitan. With over 55 years of experience, the factory has expanded from a small tailor boutique to a manufacturer which has more than 100 employees. The factory offers a comfortable, clean and organized working environment for its employees. It believes only the best working facility makes tailors produce the highest quality apparels.


Whizz Factory


Founders have realized the environmental problems created by fast fashion so that they are very serious about sustainability in manufacturing. The factory balances its tailoring time, working hours, and recycling process in scientific ways. When the world runs faster than before, our founders and the factory want to slow down the working pace and create affordable but exquisitely-made apparels for the world.



We hope our employees, customers, and affiliates feel the genuineness, delectation, and attentiveness while wearing our pieces. We believe our product is capable of building a strong bond between us and its lovers.


November 23, 2020 — Whizz Editor

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