Editor Picks: How To Style Whizz Dresses In Early Fall


Haven’t bought any Fall clothes but still wanna look stunning? When it comes to fashion, you are always wondering if there are any tricks to make you look more sophisticated while not renovating your wardrobe? Yes there are. Adding more pieces of accessories or layering up clothes may just be what you need. Let our editor give you some tips.


Look #1: “Purple is the new black”. As being one of the most trendy colors in 2020, purple has won our hearts. It’s not a problem to simply wear this Taro Purple Strap Dress, and you can still shine by doing that. However, if you are looking for some fashion styles that show you’ve put some thoughts into, you might want to go with this Taro Purple Creamy Suit. Dressing different pieces in the same color can easily show that you have classic taste while staying simple.

Look #2: this Vacation Wrap Dress is a perfect choice for a picnic or vacation. Floral pattern makes it a natural for a relaxing image. Wear it alone, you are the Central Park lady. To increase the chill vibe, you can just wear a straw hat and a pair of flat sandals to create the lazy-Sunday-morning-lying-on-the-beach scene!


Look #3: Dress comfortably becomes the new aesthetic in 2020 while many of us start to embrace the new lifestyle by working from home. This Chic Midi T-shirt Dress satisfies all of your requirements. Working from home, attending Zoom meetings or going out, you can get them all. How to style it? Well, this is where accessories come to the place. Pick a pair of exaggerated earrings and a necklace with a contrast color, you won’t believe you’ve already brought the whole look to the next level. Oh, don’t forget to wear a pair of trendy stripe sandal shoes to complete the whole look!

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November 24, 2020 — Whizz Editor

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