When we talk about fashion design, we usually focus on key elements, such as silhouette, texture and color. Obviously, these elements are the basics of clothing design. However, when it comes to outfit ideas in the real world, details of a special design are always eye-catching. 

Do you think cold shoulder tops are out of style in 2021? Definitely, the answer is NO. While cold shoulder is not the most trendy design in this season, it still plays the game. Unlike classic cold shoulder designs, this PINK CONTRAST SOFT KNIT TOP is unique and charming. The gorgeous cold shoulder detail made it feminine and romantic. Pair it with a black mid-length suit shorts and some chic accessories for an elegant fall look.

Since asymmetrical clothes are at the forefront of a trend, it's always a good GREEN ASYMMETRIC STRAP TANK TOP is a must-have piece for your wardrobe. Because of the asymmetrical design, it creates a vertical line that is much more flattering, contrasting a thin spaghetti strap with a wide strap that blends into a round neckline. You will also have fun with layering this top with a leather jacket, and will make your outfit more dynamic.


If you are looking for inspiration to light your entire back-to-office outfit, you should try this BELTED BLUE SHIRT. It has all the features of a regular blue dress shirt, while the waist belt and elegant buckle will surely take your work attire to the next level. Pair this shirt with a black suit shorts or a neutral colored skirt to create an effortless and professional look. Even if you are still working remotely this fall, this shirt can also be a proper piece for Zoom meetings.

September 15, 2021 — Globo

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